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My Story

Years ago, a remarkable question altered my trajectory, sparking empowerment and a newfound passion. I resolved to utilize the challenges of my divorce and life experiences to illuminate paths for others.

In addition to my teaching certification, I pursued credentials as a life coach, family mediator, and attained certification in hypno-breathwork somatic healing.

This blend of modalities enables me to lead individuals, both adults and adolescents, through trauma healing, inner child reconciliation, healing from the root, reframing negative self-dialogue and limiting beliefs, fostering healthier life habits, managing stress and anxiety, navigating grief, enhancing self-esteem, fostering clarity, and overcoming obstacles.

Hypno-breathwork and life coaching catalyzed profound change in my life, igniting a passionate commitment to guide others on similar transformative journeys.  

I lived it! I healed it! I shifted it! I am passionate to help others do the same!

It's never too late to cultivate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance, unveiling your most authentic self!

Hypno-breathwork Somatic Healing

Hypno-breathwork somatic healing involves entering a deeply relaxed mental state likened to sleep or meditation. Within this serene state, you tap into your subconscious on a profound level, allowing for the exploration and processing of emotions and sensations within the body. Through this process, connections between past experiences and present patterns emerge, facilitating transformative shifts in life.

Inner child healing involves nurturing and caring for the younger aspects of oneself. Signs such as being easily triggered, feeling overlooked, exhibiting codependent tendencies, grappling with financial challenges, people-pleasing tendencies, relationship difficulties, an intense inner critic, negative self-talk, perfectionism, addictive behaviors, insecurity, shame, and chronic health issues indicate a need for inner child healing and nurturing. Hypno-breathwork emerges as a highly potent modality for addressing and healing these inner child wounds.

Utilizing hypno-breathwork somatic healing induces profound and intensified shifts compared to conventional talk therapy methods.

Integrated Wellness Coaching and Hypno-breathwork Somatic Healing

Welcome to my life coaching and hypno-breathwork somatic healing practice! I offer a unique approach that allows clients to connect with themselves on a deeper level, heal at the root, create healing and shifts towards a more aligned, free, and authentic life. Contact me to start your journey towards a better you.

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Hypno-breathwork somatic healing life coaching

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Adolescent Hypno-breathwork life coaching



Welcome to our Hypno-breathwork three-month program! Our program includes six 1.5-hour sessions where clients heal, inner child healing, reframe and rewire patterns, make shifts, heal from the root cause, and go deeper into their journey. We require a strong desire and willingness to work and dig deep. Join us on this transformative journey!




Welcome to our 3-month program designed to promote relaxation, connection to self and higher power, grounding, and emotional release. Our program consists of six 45-minute sessions that utilize guided breathwork and visualization techniques. Our goal is to help you achieve a deeper sense of inner peace and balance. Let's embark on this journey together.




Our program includes 2 one-hour sessions and 6 1.5-hour sessions that combine hypno-breathwork and life coaching to guide adolescents in navigating teen issues. Our goal is to help create a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced adolescent leading them to become healthy adults. Let us help your adolescent achieve balance and prepare for a fulfilling future.


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